Fab City Global initiative

Qu’est-ce que c’est la FabCity au niveau Global?

FabCity is a new model for the city, which relies on the power of giving back to the cities the ability to produce through micro factories inserted in the urban fabric and connected to the citizens (fig. 4). FabCity relies on the model “from PITO to DIDO”.10 PITO stands for “Product In, Trash Out”, the conventional model of a city that has been produced until now: a city that consumes goods, and produces waste and does not gain anything from it is unsustainable at different levels (economic, environmental, social, and/or cultural). DIDO stands for “Data In, Data Out”, a city model in which there is no real waste, waste is a resource in itself, making possible a loop of
production and reuse. This is how the city becomes an organism that will bring commodities to people and establish the platforms for knowledge management and sharing, an attractor of talent and exporter of solutions, maximizing its resources